Are you Ready to receive the Blessing you deserve?

This is an interesting question and I think it is a very difficult one for most people to answer.

I maybe sounding a little sexist about this comment but I think mothers are the worst on receiving their blessings. I am not saying that men don’t do the same thing but I believe it is more prevalent in women.  A lot of women are so busy doing for the family that they forget that they too can receive blessing.  They deflect a lot of blessing away thinking this will not benefit the family or they are just too busy.

Men are so use to scoring the goal, getting the touchdown etc. and receiving the praise of the teammates that they are more use to the concept.  I witnessed on my daughters hockey team the girl that scored did get praise and you praised the girl who passed the puck and they say but the other girl scored and she deserves the credit.  Maybe it is just in our genes and we need to break this cycle.

I understand this concept extremely well.  It is the hardest thing for me to accept the blessing from others.  When I get a wow what a good job I tend to put it off that it was okay or it was really someone else. Wow you really had a great month with building your MLM team but we deflect it saying this was a team effort.  I am not saying that acknowledging the team is bad but sometimes we just need to say thank-you.

This is a concept that I have worked hard on and I am still working hard on.  It is a habit just like smoking and can be difficult to break.  Through working my mlm business and making self-development a priority I have recognized this problem in myself and I constantly strive to improve myself especially in this area.

The point is until you break this cycle the universe is not ready to give you those blessing.  I made the decision to break it but sometimes I just need someone to remind me of that.  That person is my ever supportive and loving husband.  He most certainly reminds me to not fall back into that trap.

So find someone in your life that will give you the check up from the neck up as Zig Ziglar says.

Be open to the universe and accept all the blessing that come your way.

Sometimes it is as simple as saying Thank you.




PS if you are looking for good courses or books to help you with this drop me a line I would love to give you a checkup from the neck up!

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