Black Belt of Recruiting is sick! How many possible recruits are you going to lose?

Do you want to learn an in depth system, easy to implement recruiting tool?  Well I have one.

Recruiting is the life blood of building a MLM or network marking business.    Team picture

It seems that the word recruiting is a big taboo.  It is like you are tackling people and forcing them to join the business.  Wrong!

Recruiting only happens when you have sorted through the people and found those who want your opportunity.  Remember there are needs and wants and not everyone who needs the opportunity to change their lives want to.

What building your team base or the recruits in your business this allows you to leverage time?  It is better to receive 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of your own.

What the Black Belt of recruiting teaches you is how to sort through the prospects to actually find the few who want the opportunity.

What Black Belt of recruiting does it will show you how to phrase your questions so that you can determine if the lead is a tire kicker or is actually interested.  It reinforces the posture required to give confidence in the lead that you are someone they want to work with.

The black Belt of Recruiting is just sick!

What a difference it has made on how I meet prospects, talk to prospects and help me determined if they are the type of people I, wanted to work with.

We have all recruited people into our business that have known the world and would work tirelessly at the business just to find out that no one new them and they thought working from 7pm to 8pm on Wednesday was enough.  The Black Belt of recruiting helps to disqualify that type of person and helps you find the genuine people who have the dream and are willing to work for it.

Remember anything worth having is worth working for.

When you find the people who have the dreams and are working they are the people who you can help achieve their dreams.

What a rush when someone you meet on the phone, or a networking meeting , or at a coffee shop and you used the Black Belt of recruiting techniques to help them into the business realize their goals.

I have used the Black Belt of Recruiting techniques and they work.  It is quick to learn and quick to implement.   I wonder how many people I turned away with bad technique, hey not anymore.

This technique will explode your business!