Don’t be an MLM Crow… Squirrel!

People start a Network Marketing business because they see the potential and they see that just maybe they can realize their dreams.

Someone introduces you to network company A and you get very excited.  You think, “Man I can do this.  I think in just months I might be able to make the money I need to quit my job and do this full time and start realizing my dreams!”  The company is a good company it meets all the standards that you are looking for in a network marketing business.  The company has a good track record and has been in business for awhile and it is not in danger of folding.  It has a moral code of doing business.  The products are sound and the compensation plan is fair.  You have done your home work and now you are off to the races.  You are going to be rich!

You get started and you talk to all your friends and family.  As a matter of fact, you “barf” the business all over them and they turn you down.  This is very disappointing but you are keen and you are willing to work at this business.  So you keep on trying and trying and you do get a few sales and you do manage to recruit a few people but you don’t seem to develop any momentum. You start to feel frustrated and discouraged.

You analyze what you are doing and a lot of people’s conclusion is that it is the company’s fault.  You don’t have the right tools…  they haven’t trained you right… they aren’t supporting you properly… your upline doesn’t like you… and on and on.  So you look for a new company, it has got to be better. It is new and shiny and you are attracted to it like a crow.  So you sign up with company 2 and guess what?  The same cycle of events happens all over again.  So what’s the answer?  Of course!  Go to company 3!  Then another new company comes along and now you see it all shiny in the distance and now you are doing two MLM businesses.

This can be a disastrous way of doing business.  Eventually you will be part of the NFL Club – (No Friends Left) because your credibility is shot.  When you jump from one MLM to another, you lose all credibility. Once your credibility is gone you have to work triple hard to get it back.  You can do it but you need to be committed.

What people tend to forget is that Network Marketing business has a very easy concept but it is still hard work.  Yes people, hard work!  As long as you are committed to the company you chose, learn to make a success of it.

Try out a proven system that works for all MLM companies.  Train yourself to say and do the right things almost all the time.   Focus and follow the tested, tried and true sales formula that your company already has.

Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Start doing the right things.  Focus on the business and opportunity you originally went for. Check out the lessons from magnetic sponsoring on how to stay focused and how to get the most from your opportunity.  You will receive a series of videos explaining the system and then you make a decision.

Chasing the next shiny object might be a great way for a crow to live, but it sure doesn’t work for network marketers.  Learn the lessons on how to focus and apply the best techniques to your current opportunity.

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