Isn’t my toaster a Plugin?

Man, what do you mean to have a successful MLM business I need to market on line, huh?

This is blowing my mind; I need to learn about blogging, posting advertisements, websites, dealing with forums, plugins. Etc.  What in the world is a Google slap?  Man, that sure sounds painful.             

I started down this path and I was stumbling and falling all over the place.  I did not know what a blog was.  I needed to generate back links.  Backlink?? I thought a backlink was part of the fence at the end of my property.

You need to have a wordpress blog site huh.  What is wordpress?  There’s that blog word again too.

Here is another one.  I need to have all the right plugins.  Plugins… isn’t my toaster a plugin?  Isn’t that something I plug into the wall?  No it is critical elements to make sure your website runs properly. Okay how do I do that?

I needed to learn to optimize my website and the question is why?  What is SEO? I know what lots of acronyms mean… NFL, NHL, NBA, even stuff like FYI and LOL, but I’m not so sure about SEO.

MLM is blowing my mind but I found the answer.  Would you like to know what it is? This stuff was all foreign to me and I bet foreign to a lot of people.

We are all told when we begin our MLM or Network marketing career that we just need to talk to enough people and we will find the ones who want to make some changes to their lives.  Is that all there is to MLM?  I have learned that the answer is yes!  BUT… it’s also true that you also need to find motivated people outside your typical circle of influence, so the answer is also NO.

So, how do we find motivated outside of our warm market?

I started looking at the online possibilities and I did find it daunting.  I did not know what all those terms meant and I started pulling out my hair.  I needed to get training.  I searched around the web and I found it.

I discovered magnetic sponsoring.

Wow did this program lay it out step for step for me.  Everything became clear and I started to learn what to do and how to do it.  I listen to their online training every month which allows me to keep moving up the learning curve.

If you are in the same boat as I was, pulling your hair out and going nuts trying to learn online recruiting, then check this program out.  You will NOT be disappointed.  If by chance you are (I don’t think you will) there is a money back guarantee.  Just do it.

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