My dogs remind me why I want time. They do this with a nudge and a lick!

What exactly does that mean and how does that relate to my MLM business?

When most people decide to start a home based business or an MLM business they have made the decision to make a change in their lives.  When people get into a MLM business they might find the business model simple but the process is not easy.  So the leaders out there roll up their sleeves and get to work.

How does this relate to my dog?

Well I have two dogs they are combined 135lbs worth of security system, until someone says boo!

Well these two give me a good talking to when I am out to long and it seems I needed their permission.  When I work at the computer I have one head on my feet and the other head is reminding me that I have not given him enough pats.

When working on the computer I am usually, other than responding to email, taking training programs.  I get involved in webinars that are given by Harv Ecker, Tony Robbins, Mike Dillard, Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn.  I spend a lot of time of my spare time trying to learn more about the MLM business I am in and become a better person. Training is crucial to moving your business forward.

After awhile of working the two pooches starts letting me know it is time to get out.  They need attention.  We want a walk!  Will one dog has two lame legs, he was a sport dog and blew two ACL’s so walking in the city is out I need to take them to the bush.  So off we go.

In all the training I am going through the one aspect of working hard and driving your business is balance.  You need to take time for you and your friends and the family.  The dogs are big part of the family, so therefore they remind me to take the time. Sometimes you need a reminder that the reason you got into a MLM business or home based business was to get more time in your life.  The dogs remind me why I need to take that time.

When I interact with my dogs I really want to become the person they think I am.  With MLM and Home Based Business training I am striving to be that person.

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