How to Produce Prospect Leads on Demand

Propect Leads are Essential

If you’re new to the internet marketing industry, or have stalled out in your lead generating efforts, getting new prospect leads is essential to keep your business flourishing.

Obviously it’s impossible and inappropriate to pitch to everybody and if you do you will find you don’t have many friends. Stop thinking if it breathes, pitch to them!

The right way to Prospect Leads Online

There are several processes that you need to follow whether you are prospecting online or off.

The power to close sales is explicitly related to the quality of the leads you generate. Pitching to individuals that are utterly disinterested from the very beginning is not going to get you anywhere. This may sound apparent, but some who are just starting out in social marketing will pitch to anything with a pulse – they seem to lose their common sense.

Identify your prospect leads first.

Think “target marketing”.

Know, in particular who your best future customer or prospect is market exclusively to them.

Below are some common lead prospecting techniques, although of course there are several others. It’s all down to what does it for you and what you are comfy doing, when you are employing a strategy you are happy with, it will show when you make your presentation.

Word-of-mouth or personal recommendation is the best way to generate good prospect leads. Time is essential, always follow up any referrals you are given quickly and do not forget to mention the referee’s name. Satisfied customers do lots of your selling for you, if they are referring you to friends they’re going to be highly positive about your product and your prospect is therefore pre-warmed.

prospect leads

Remember to treat this new prospect well, always chase up leads quickly and then get back to the referrer and thank them for the lead. If this turns out well, then there could be more referrals the perfect way to do business. Offering motivations to the referrer will always be appreciated and this should be in the shape of a gift certificate or anything else suitable.

Obviously if the referrer keeps bringing you business you will essentially wish to consider asking them if they would like to join your downline, because in effect they already are!

Prospect Leads through Networking OnLine

This would mean you need to develop a list of prospect.  Then you will need a medium to approach these prospects in a safe manner that you develop rapport with them just like you were face to face but this would be online.

It is advisable to get a suite of tools that you can email, have video conferencing ability and webinar ability and more.

I found the most amazing suite of tools that are easy to use and you have them all at your finger tips it is called Pure Leverage.

The bonus with these tools is the 100% commission and the residual income.

Are we not all in MLM to collect residual Income!!!!




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