Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm!

What the heck does this mean?

When you look at building a home based or multilevel marketing business this means you are going to meet up with challenge after challenge.  You are going to receive negative feedback, and you will receive tons of advice from your broke Uncle John.  This is what you have to push through.

Uncle John and all the other people who feel the need to tell you their opinion is why you need to strengthen your resolve; to really enhance your reason WHY.  To keep these wonderful people from derailing your dream, you need to keep your vision clearly in front of you.  One way to literally keep your dream in front of you is to put up a dream board.  Find images of all the things you want and are working for.  Cut these images out and put them on your dream board to look at every day.  Even though you there will always be a risk of meeting more negative people, you need to keep talking to others anyway.  Keep in mind that famous old chestnut, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT!”  This may sound corny but this reminder that network marketing is a numbers game, and continuing to speak with people is what it takes to be successful.

Who said this quote?

This quote comes from Winston Churchill, the man who inspired the nation of Great Britain to keep the resolve and courage to face the enemy in WWII under horrific circumstances.  He was able to instill in the people of Great Britain a vision that even under the direst circumstances they would prevail and be able to move on to a secure and prosperous life.

How can we learn from this?

We are not at war. We have in most cases safe, secure lives.  What this quote tells us is that we must step out of our comfort zone and risk rejection to eventually reach our dream.

What is in the dream you have envisioned? Does your dream involve your financial freedom? Travel?  Perhaps your dream sees you getting deeply involved in your community through philanthropy.  Isn’t it worth a little pain to achieve this goal?  To get to the dream, is it not worth putting up with listening to Uncle John telling you how you are just wasting your time?

Think carefully about these questions I have raised. If your answer is no to anyone of them, don’t get into network marketing or a home based business. Without the will to push through these comments, you will simply not be able to do what it takes.

  • If the answer is yes, you have given yourself every opportunity to succeed.
  • If you need training in recruiting, get it.
  • If you need more training on the products you sell, then get that too.
  • If you need help or advice, seek it from the people you are in business with.

Remember, in any network marketing business you are only alone if you don’t seek the help.  The people who brought you into the business cannot reach their dreams unless you do.  They have an invested interest in your success.  They really do want you to promote and succeed.

With apologies to Sir Winston, let me paraphrase and say: Get out there and go from failure to failure and keep your enthusiasm rocking!

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