Until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change nothing will happen

It is fundamental truth that people don’t like to change.  They find it hard to get outside of the comfort zone of what they know and are used to.

It seems like everyone wants to be rich, wants to be financially free and have time and money, but no one is prepared to do what it takes to make that happen.  Simply put, there isn’t enough pain in their day-to-day lives to drive them out of their comfort zone.  Regardless of people’s social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, it is amazingly hard to get people to move outside that comfort zone.

Do you actually have physical pains deep in your stomach with the thought of going to work Monday morning?  That was me.  I had pains in my stomach, I was grumpy and I never slept well Sunday night because of the thought of going to my job Monday morning.

Don’t get me wrong!  I am not saying the company I worked for was a bad company.  It was just not what I wanted to do.  Talk about conflicted.

I think a lot of people get caught up in the politics of corporate life and that was not me.  I hated the politics, I hated competing with my friends for promotions (or even for dwindling jobs as the company downsized).   I had to remove myself from that kind of atmosphere.  If found that being caught up in office politics and behind-the-back talk, it sucks the joy out of you and makes life miserable.  For me the pain of staying the same far outweighed the pain of change.   I began to look for some way for me to move and change my situation.

When I made the decision to start my own part-time business, I still needed to go to work but the stomach pains subsided. My decision allowed me to remove myself from the office atmosphere and my life became better.

I started an MLM business for a couple of reasons.  An MLM business is inexpensive to get into and I could manage the cost without hurting the income I needed for the home bills.  I could do an MLM business on a part time basis until I build it up to replace the income from my job.  Two of the best things that I found were the very strong team building environment and just how big a role personal development played in everything.

It blew me away! I guess I was just ready for it.

I love my MLM business for more reasons than just making money.

If you are feeling the pain of needing to change, make the decision to get out of your comfort zone. Start looking around at some MLM companies.  Make sure you pick one where personal development is a major component.


Take that first step and make the pain of staying the same go away.

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