What courses would you have liked to take in High School?

Do you know the old phrase “You cannot put old heads on young shoulders?”

Well let’s think about what we learned or what our kids learned in High School.

They studied geography, English, history, math etc.  These are all worthwhile subjects and yes very important to be taught, but what it taught us and our kids was to be good soldiers or good employees.

What our current school curriculum teaches us is to learn a trade or profession get a job, work for 40 years and when we retire we do not have any residual income or any stake at what we worked at for last 40 years.  We traded time for money and in the end we have very little to show for it.

Would you have wanted to be offered a course in High School on how to be an entrepreneur?

This is a course I would have jumped on.  Teach us how to evaluate an opportunity, evaluate businesses, how to source money and how to look at assists and liabilities with a critical eye. The way we do it currently is by trial and error and because this is the method of learning, a lot of people are afraid to start or they start, get discouraged and quit.  Today we need to source our own training programs.  Some are good; some are really good and some not so good.

We read and listen to people like Robert Kiyosaki and his Cash flow Quadrant.   We all need to read Robert Kiyosaki’s   book called the Business of the 21St Century.  This book talks about getting involved in Network Marketing as a easy way to get into the business side of the Cash flow Quadrant.  This gets people stepping out of the employment quadrant.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get into business.

Jim Rohn says  “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

These are very telling words that to succeed in life we need to do more learning outside of the walls of academia.

I don’t want to speak for you but I think that the goal for all of us is to help society and leave a legacy for our kids. This is why I am working so hard to educate myself and to reach my goals I have for my family.

Don’t get hung up on past failure, just look to the future!  Remember yesterday is the past and  cannot be changed,  tomorrow is the future and we can only strive to make it better but today is a present and we need to do something now.

If you are looking for good training look at http://margmac.getwwn.com/  there is a cost of $1 for a month and the training is awesome check it out.  Is your future worth $1?

Live the Dream!

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