Wow we have Gone MOBILE

Going Mobile


Well we just did it! I must admit I have been hearing about that having a mobile website was the thing to do.  This is the place to be.  Well we did it. My website is now in mobile form.

I am so excited that now that we have gone mobile it opens so many possibilities.

Blog Post on a Mobile Website

This is the cool thing, I can post an article on my main website and that article is posted in a format that is easily readable on any mobile device.  Reading blogs on a phone, tablet etc is no longer a laborious effort. It is properly formatted and scrollable on your phone.


 Trend for Mobile Searching

More and more people are doing searches off their phone.  The stats are predicting that the number of searches increases by 5% every year.  This is an amazing trend and one that I am grabbing hold of.

Staying up on Mobile


When we do online marketing or mlm marketing it is important to keep up on the trends and maybe get ahead of them.  Catching the wave instead trying to swim to catch up to the wave.


Here is a small video talking about mobile marketing.  Please take a look!


Don’t get left behind.

All the best











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