Yes Virginia you can recruit 10 people this month!

One of the hardest aspects of MLM or Network Marketing is the ability to get out and recruit people into your business.  Recruit is such a horrible word it sounds like running down the field and tackling people, grabbing them by the hair and forcing people to come into the business you are involved in.  NO!  First of all you don’t tackle people to come into business with you.  You present a business and let the person decide.  If they do not come into the business with the right attitude they are not going to work and you will be chasing them. Not a good business relationship.

The other aspect of recruiting is that you need to find the people who want the opportunity not necessarily the people who need it.  We all know a lot of people who need the opportunity we are in but they often reject the opportunity because they can not see their way out of the comfort zone that they currently exist in.  We need to find the people who are hungry and can see change in their lives; they have a dream of something better.

Typically as we are growing up our parents tell us to get good marks get a good education and get a good job and everything will work out by the time retirement comes around.  So we buy into working for 40 years and we have absolutely no stake in the outcome. Most of us buy into this dream because over 90% of our population works for people.  There are only a small percentage of people who take the  entrepreneurial route.  When you get into big corporate American business and you want to climb the corporate ladder did anyone tell you that they might remove the rungs and move the ladder?  NO!

So to get back to recruiting the real trick is to sort through people and find the ones who have the vision and work ethic and most of all, the dream.  You need to know that you will change peoples’ lives from in some cases from tragic to magic!

Everyone’s story will be different from yours but they will all make you cry.

You need to develop a strategy and a system to be able to sort and you need a system that allows you to attract the people who have a dream.

I found a system through magnetic marketing system with the Black Belt of Recruiting.  This gives you a step by step method of where to find people and what to say. It’s awesome.  Check this link out  (copy and paste into your browser)

So yes Virginia you will be able to recruit 10 people this month!

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