What Zig Ziglar Taught Me!

Zig Ziglar was a Great Man

Just about a year ago Zig Ziglar passed away and it truly saddened me.

I saw Zig Ziglar at one of his seminars 26 years ago and although I never met the man personally, he has been a constant friend to my husband and myself throughout the years. What Zig Ziglar taught me you can not put a dollar figure to it.

Zig Ziglar Taught me about Auto U

I first heard of Zig Ziglar’s concept of Auto U those many years ago and this is something I have lived by ever since.  When I first saw him I bought the audio cassette series See You at the Top.  I have played that in my car over and over again.  When cars graduated from cassette tapes to CD’s I had to played them on a portable cassette player…..antiquated I know…..but that is what I did. Zig Ziglar taught me that personal development was one of the most important endevours that I will ever undertake. Now whe almost need a seperate area to keep all the CD’s we want to listen to in the car…good thing we have a van!


Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar and Spirituality

Zig Ziglar was a constant reminder on the       Spirituality that a lot of people crave in our lives.   He made you think  about   some of the deeper meaning of our lives and the paths we were taking.  He made you think that we were not wondering generalities  but we had a purpose and yes we deserved the greatness we all sought. Sometimes we get into periods of our lives that we think our lot in life is the worse.  Boy when you listened to Zig he reminded you that we are blessed and to pass those blessing on to as many people as possible.  For this alone I thank him.




Zig Ziglar Motivation

Zig Ziglar taught me how to stay motivated even when the times were tough like no one else could.  When times were tough I listened to his tapes or read his books and it gave me ” a check up from the neck up”  and I smartened up and changed my attitude. He had a very neat way to put you back on the path that you needed to be on.

Funny thing though Zig Ziglar did not teach one concept that I had not heard or knew of.  He just had a way of reminding you of those lessons.

What Zig did for me was put me on a path of constant learning, self development and on the journey of being a better person.

Since that day way back 26 years ago I have listened to and read so many of Zig Ziglars peers that it has been an incredible journey and one that I am very grateful.

I will miss Zig Ziglar as I think millions of others will too.

So I will just say one thing thank you Zig Ziglar for your words!




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